Medieval Indonesia: Spice on Dante's Inferno


There was a time, for about early 15th century, when spices become high commodity all around the world.  Medieval people said spices was Luxurious than gold. 

In fact it's true. The existence of these herbs,  has long been a magnet for sailors or explorer from all around the world, especially from Spain and Portuguese. Both of them navigating their journey to the far east.

During the age of spices and it's impact, numerous or even famous writer also has been using spices as metaphorical image for their literature.

Spices; Luxurious Image 

One of medieval writer that used spices as metaphorical image was Dante, especially in his great work Inferno.

The presence of Indonesia Spices in Dante's inferno contain multiple references to Indonesia, particularly cloves and nutmeg. In Europe both of Spices has role important to deal with winter and high statue of people.
and Niccolo, the first to make men see that cloves can serve as luxury (such seed, in gardens where it can suits, can take fast root.
The Symbolism of spice in Dante's Inferno can be interpreted as a symbol of a desire someone who want to get hight status.

The role of Indonesian Spices in shaping the Literary work can be found on Dante's inferno literature. The use of Indonesian Spices can be interpreted spices was a hight commodity for people in medieval era.

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